“During active labour, Heather provided endless coping suggestions and encouragement for both of us. We walked, climbed stairs, and used the Birthing Ball, massage, pressure points, breathing techniques and various positions. Heather’s calming and knowledgeable presence was greatly appreciated. She respected the nurses and worked with them”

Jocelyn and Jeremy

“We forged a trusting relationship with Heather during the prenatal period that translated into a relaxed and focused birth experience.  The birth process itself was incredible and Heather was a welcome participant in one of the most empowering experiences of my life. She was wonderful throughout and bore witness to a very personal event”

Danielle & Doug

“The level of attention and care given to us by our Doula was excellent.  I wasn’t treated as ‘just another client’, I truly felt cared for”


“I was so moved by the birth story you prepared for us. Labour is all-consuming, and it was so wonderful to have you there to witness it and record it (through photos and the story), because it’s amazing how much you forget. Now we have a record of what happened, and I hope to share it with our daughter in the years to come. I know I would have really valued having such a detailed story of my own birth from my mom.”


“Above all, thank you Heather for being such a special part of our birth.  We really appreciated your support and encouragement. The birth story you wrote for us is wonderful and I’m sure [she] will love to read it someday. Thank you so much!” 


“I was thinking of …how amazing an experience you helped me create, I honestly don’t think I would have survived without you!  I am so glad I got to have you there for me and if I had to do it all over again I would do the exact same! Thanks for keeping me focused and relaxed!  And for staying calm and serene :)”


“You really helped ease our worries in preparation for the birth… [we] were so grateful for all of the time you spent with us.  Future pregnant women will be so lucky to work with you.”


“My overwhelming memory of delivery was that every time I reached out my hands for help you and {my husband} were there grabbing them.  I felt so supported…”


  • Thank you Heather for everything! With your support we are bringing home our healthy baby boy today. Heather helped me to plan for my birth, motivate me when I wanted to give up and to make decisions that reflected my plan during a long labour! Charlie Glenn was born at 9 lbs 1 oz and 21 inches long with his own beautiful birth story ending in a successful VBAC.

    Kelly Alice Avatar Kelly Alice
    April 5, 2015

    Balanced Birth Doula interprets my exact experience with Heather Hill. As a new mother I easily could have went crazy with planning, preparing etc. (what I mean is that it could have been worse...) but it was Heather's welcoming and calming demeanour that helped me relax right from the start. Heather truly helped my spouse and I find a balance between the wants, needs, and adaptability for my perfect birth. She has been such a fantastic resource for prenatal and postpartum questions and concerns. My birth most certainly did not go to plan, but it was still perfect. I utilized a lot of what Heather had taught to help get through my birth confidently. Thank you Balanced Birth Doula for supporting my family. 🙂 Philip and I have truly enjoyed our time with you.

    Ashley Ryan Schleich Avatar Ashley Ryan Schleich
    April 25, 2017

    Heather is an amazing Doula. We had her for the birth of our second, as our first birth experience did not go as we had hoped. The refresher pre-natal sessions were a big help as we did not register for any courses this time around. During the delivery, she arrived just in time for pushing to begin at the hospital as my labour progressed very quickly. She knew exactly which position I should be in and what breathing I should be doing. Her helpful guidance allowed us to welcome our second baby girl into the world with two pushes! The video we just received of the birth brought me to tears. The moments captured were very real and emotional. It was absolutely amazing to have her by our side as we welcomed our baby into the world. I would highly recommend her services!

    Jamie Mac Avatar Jamie Mac
    April 24, 2017
  • Heather was our doula for both of our births and I'm so glad we had her. Heather is kind, patient and exudes a calming spirit that really helps with the labor process. Thank you Heather!!!! �

    Chantal Boulianne Avatar Chantal Boulianne
    May 6, 2017

    With Heather's help and guidance we avoided a c-section. Would recommend, especially for first time parents.

    Tetyana Laatsch Avatar Tetyana Laatsch
    April 28, 2017

    Heather was wonderful to deal with. We weren't sure if we needed a doula but we are so glad we decided to go that route. Having the intimate one, on one appointments to discuss the birthing process and what to expect was a huge help. Heather was our constant as you don't always get your designated OB. It was comforting knowing that we could reach out for guidance at anytime. We highly recommend Heather's services and know you will appreciate her knowledge and love the photos and birth journal as keep sakes.

    Haylie Thomlison Avatar Haylie Thomlison
    April 20, 2017


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