Birth Doula Support

Giving birth is a unique journey

Birth is a journey, unique to every birthing person and baby.  Each step along the journey should be informed.  Doula support will help you to navigate the journey, and balance your knowledge, goals and vision with the reality of birth.

What is doula support?

A doula provides non-medical emotional and physical comfort and support during pregnancy, labour and postpartum.  A doula provides information, advocacy, as well as hands on comfort, in whatever way you need along your journey.  Doulas work to fill in any gaps and compliment your birth team.

During pregnancy, your doula will meet with you several times in person, to discuss your questions, goals, fears for pregnancy, birth or parenting.  Together you will gather information to make informed decisions, and formulate a clear vision of your birth preferences.  You will plan and discuss the nature of birth and how you foresee being supported during birth.  Information and hands on teaching for your partner will be shared and practiced so that your entire support team is prepared for your birthing time.  

During labour and birth, your doula will be available to call in early labour, then join you in person for active labour.  During labour your doula will provide reassurance, support, affirmation to you and your partner.  Hands on comfort measures, position changes, suggestions will be provided  during labor, based on your preferences and need in the moment.  Your doula is like your “walking birth plan” to remind you of your preferences and help you make informed decisions along the way.  Research tells us that doula support improves positive outcomes for birth, from increased birth satisfaction to lower intervention rates.

During postpartum, your doula is still available to you for informational and emotional support regarding physical recovery, emotional adjustment and newborn care.  Heather has training as a lactation educator, to provide you with hands on, evidence based support in feeding your baby.

Whether you are planning a birth at home, hospital or birth centre, with a doctor or midwife, with medication or not, a vaginal or planned cesarean birth, a team of support people or a single cheer leader, standing, lying down, in water, on land, fast, slow, loud, quiet, or whatever combination, you will benefit from the support of an experienced Doula. Your doula will spend time with you prenatally to learn your wishes, desires, fears, and preferences, then be at the birth to read the moment and provide the support needed to attain your ideal birth.

Tools For Added Support

In addition to her experience and education, Heather Hill provides the following tools to support births as needed:


Among many challenges faced in a doula career, one of the most practical is how to carry your birth ball (common exercise ball) to prenatal appointments and a birth.

Heather created a tote bag for an exercise ball.  It has a draw string at one end to hold your ball securely, while the other end has a handle so you can easily drape it over your shoulder.

It is made of washable fabric, so you can either use it solely as a tote or as a cover while your ball is in use. It is a super stretchy spandex- knit material that can stretch over any size ball.

Please contact Heather at to place an order. Colours will vary, and samples are available upon request. See my Etsy store MadebyHeatherHill for current colour choices, or to place an order through Etsy.


Meet with Heather over a tea or coffee to learn how she can assist you in your birth journey.